Section 2 - Stretch Goals

About this tutorial

This tutorial is free and open source, and all code uses the MIT license - so you are free to do with it as you like. My hope is that you will enjoy the tutorial, and make great games!

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Hands-On Rust

I've been enjoying writing this tutorial, and people are using it (thank you!) - so I decided to keep adding content. Section 2 is more of a smorgasbord of content than a structured tutorial. I'll keep adding content as we try to build a great roguelike as a community.

Please feel free to contact me (I'm @herberticus on Twitter) if you have any questions, ideas for improvements, or things you'd like me to add. Also, sorry about all the Patreon spam - hopefully someone will find this sufficiently useful to feel like throwing a coffee or two my way. :-)

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