What is Bracket-lib

bracket-lib started out life as RLTK - The RogueLike Toolkit. Initially, I needed a code-page 437 terminal library on which to build roguelikes. The Rust Roguelike Tutorial grew, and so did the library. Then Hands-on Rust (my book about learning Rust) was born, and bracket-lib became the primary library behind the book.

Bracket-lib is intended to fulfill the following needs:

  • A user-friendly teaching library. If I have to choose between performance and a new-user friendly interface, 99% of the time I'll choose the friendly approach.
  • Provide virtual consoles on a variety of platforms, from the web to major Operating Systems.
  • Provide a number of extensions to allow you to do layering, sprites, and more advanced rendering---without hurting the overall goal of the library.
  • Provide a good "on ramp" for moving onto high-performance libraries once you've mastered the basics.
  • Remain agnostic about how you write your game. ECS, tick methods, embedded scripting---take the path you want. Bracket-lib is meant to provide the basic tools you need and let you unleash your imagination.

This "getting started" guide is intended to help you get started with bracket-lib.